Ad image  values your information and personal data. They take its security. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes how we treat personal information. It covers the Services. It applies to January 30, 2023. “Services” refers to using and sharing information. This happens when you use our websites, apps, and online services. Using our services is the same as agreeing to the collection, use, and sharing of your information. This is as described in this privacy policy.

1. Information Collection

We collect some information about your device. We also collect data about how you use our Services. This includes location data and IP address. It also includes browser type and content or advertising interaction from visitors. We capture the data through tracking technologies. These include cookies, local storage, and pixel tags. Also, we may collect information that you choose to provide. We may also collect information that is gathered. This includes contact information, credentials, demographics, and payment information. Also, others may provide this data. They include third-party partners and vendors.

2. Information Use

We use the data we collect, including personal data. We use it to let you use our Services. We also use it to do customer service, show ads, and study how our Services are used to improve them. The information will also be used for marketing and to meet legal duties. It will be used at the time of its collection.

3. Social Network and Platform Integration

Our Services may let you interact with social networks. We may integrate with other platforms. If you use a third-party service, you agree that your account’s data may be available to that third party. It will then be subject to that third party’s terms and policies. You agree to review the privacy policy and terms of use for third-party services. You plan to use them with our integrated features.

4. Information Sharing Practices

We share non-personal data with third parties. We may, in various conditions, share user information, including personal data. This may include sharing your information with service providers. For example, to help transactions, improve our services, and operate e-commerce. We may also share information about events, promotions, and third-party features. By using our text message services, you agree to share your information with Twilio. They are our third-party partner. 

5. Third-Party Features

Third parties may host all these features. For example, logging into social media and YouTube. Some of these features may use third parties. They may, like us, collect and use your information. They do so under their own privacy policies and terms of use. We tell you to review the relevant policies of these third-party features. Do this before using them.